Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Bar has Reopened

Hey, I'm back on blogger and I've reopened Dream Cocktails.....

The coolest cocktail lounge on the net is Lou's Cocktail Lounge which is where I've been spending alot of my time.

Now that I'm back I'm going to talk about Kahlua's hazelnut liqueur, in one word - delicious. If you haven't tried this then buy some because you are going to absolutely love it. Now I haven't actually made a cocktail of it yet I have simply drunk it with milk and it's divine, if you like adding Frangelico to your Kahlua then you will love this. I had so many great ideas for cocktails running through my mind as I tasted it, but I kept drinking it with milk......I should add that I was staying at my mums so I didn't have all of my usual bar contents to play with, but now....stay posted!

I will bring you some more cocktails tomorrow, but for now pop out and buy some Kahlua or hang out at Lou's Cocktail Lounge.


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