Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes

My favourite Tuesday of the year is Shrove Tuesday, because it’s pancake day and I just LOVE pancakes. Just because I happened to think of pancake day, we’re going to have to look at the Irish Pancake

Take ½ shot butterscotch schnapps
½ shot of guiness stout.

Pour the schnapps into a shot glass and then, using a spoon, layer the guiness on top – delicious, this cocktail was apparently created by a barman called Jerry at Pub 32, Cookeville, Tennessee, so it’s a big Cheers to Jerry.

When you’re eating your pancakes, you really need to have a coffee which leads me to one of my favourite Kahlua cocktails (did I mention my dog’s called Kahlua, I absolutely love it) – the Black Russian, check out this –

Black Russian Recipe

A bit of a story to go with the recipe there, my favourite is a tall Black Russian, although I’m also partial to a White Russian as well……….

Well I’m off to make pancakes, Shrove Tuesday is just too long to wait,


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