Thursday, July 14, 2011

Choc Nut Delight - A Heavenly Cocktail

When my mum comes over to stay I like to mix up a cocktail for us to celebrate. She loves creamy and chocolatey cocktails, like me. Last time she was here I made us the following concoction:-

Choc Nut Delight

30ml dark creme de cacao
15ml kahlua
15ml frangelico
30ml cream
30ml milk

I placed all of the ingredients into my shaker with ice and shook well. Then I strained it into a cocktail glass and topped it with grated chocolate - delicious.

I added the kahlua because cofee flavors can sometimes help to intensify the chocolate flavor. I only put 15ml of the frangelico because I wanted the nutty flavor to be in the background and not overpowering. Why did I use cream and milk - I was feeling lazy! Obviously you can use half'n'half, I just didn't want to make any - we had gossiping to do!

This illustrates a fun thing with cocktails - if you don't have something, substitute and make up a name for your 'new' cocktail!

If you're after more chocolate cocktails then why not check out my page at - Chocolate Cocktails.

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