Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hot Chocolate Cocktails

Yesterday after school I made my daughter ‘proper’ hot chocolate, not a packet or tin in sight. I heated up the milk and added in a generous number of chocolate and stirred until it melted. She was really impressed, but then I went even further and popped a scoop of ice cream on top – a hot chocolate float. I got the look that tells a mom you’re amazing and the biggest grin all week :)

I started thinking about how it really is the simple things in life that bring us the most comfort and then I started thinking about how much I enjoy ‘adult’ hot chocolates. My favorite hot chocolate cocktail is The Snuggler, probably because I’m lazy and all it involves is making a mug of hot chocolate (I just use whatever’s in my cupboard which is usually cadbury’s) and adding a shot and a half of peppermint schnapps into it. Words can’t really express how delicious this cocktail is, the comforting feeling of the hot chocolate, the great combination of chocolate and mint all accompanied by that warmth that spreads through your body when you drink schnapps :)

If the Snuggler doesn’t appeal to you then check out more hot chocolate cocktails from using Kahlua to rum there’s bound to be one that you like to try.

These cocktails don’t require beautiful glassware, just a simple mug like this one –

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