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Guinness Cocktails


Guinness Pint via Stephen Edgar on Flickr
Guinness cocktails have been known to be around since the late 1800s so some of these Guinness cocktail recipes are pretty established in the drinking world! Guinness cocktails are also a great way of drinking Guinness for those who find the creamy dark stout a little much on it's own.

Guinness was first brewed by Arthur Guinness in 1759 at his St James Gate Brewery in Dublin. This means that Guinness is celebrating 250 years of creamy goodness.

The creamy dark stout that goes by the name of Guinness must surely be one of Ireland's most famous exports. Arthur Guinness first exported Guinness to England in 1769 and over two centuries later Guinness is enjoyed all around the world even as far away as Australia.

Guinness is a delicious drink all by itself.......although there is much debate over whether it should carry a shamrock on top of it's creamy head or not. Some people, however, find that Guinness is a little too strong on it's own and this has led to a number of Guinness cocktails being created over the years. The first known official Guinness cocktail has been around since 1861 so using Irelands "black magic" in a cocktail is not something new.

Guinness Cocktails

Two of the older Guinness Cocktails in Record are the Black Velvet and the Black and Tan. Black Velvet was first created in 1861 to mourn the passing of Britain's Prince Albert (Queen Victoria's husband). The Black and Tan was first recorded in 1889, although variations (using British stouts) appear to have been around since the 1700s.

Black Velvet

1 part Guinness
2 parts Champagne

Pour Guinness into a chilled Champagne flute. Next add the Champagne carefully - it should not mix with the Guinness, and serve.

Black and Tan

1 part lager
1 part Guinness

Half fill a pint glass or schooner with lager and then carefully pour the Guinness on the top (pouring over the back of a spoon is a great method) trying to avoid any splashing which will allow the two beers to mix.

Black and Gold

A variation of the Black and Tan

1 part Guinness
1 part cider

As with the Black and Tan you half fill your glass with cider and then carefully layer the Guinness on the top.

Guinness Shandy

1/2 pint Guinness
1/2 pint lemonade

Pour the Guinness into a pint glass and top up with the lemonade.

More Guinness Cocktails

A more modern take on the Guinness cocktail is the introduction of energy drinks, personally I do not believe that drinks such as Red Bull should be added to alcohol. I am well aware that this is a growing trend however and so I am including a recipe for Black Bull. Guinness also goes well with shots of different liqueurs and spirits.

Black Bull

1 part Guinness
1 part Red Bull

Pour a tin of Red Bull into a pint glass and top up with Guinness.

Dublin Milkshake

1 pint of Guinness
1 shot Tia Maria

The easiest way of making this drink is to pour a short pint of Guinness (a cheats way if you're with friends is to get them to take a swig out of a full pint!) add a shot of Tia Maria. This really accentuates the chocolaty overtones of Guinness - yum!

Black Custard

1 pint of Guinness
1 shot Baileys

As with the Dublin Milkshake pour a pint of Guinness slightly short of the top of the pint glass and add a shot of Baileys.

I hope you've enjoyed a few of these Guinness cocktails, I was also told recently that adding blackcurrant to Guinness was a nice touch and I must admit I'm looking forward to trying that as it sounds delicious. Let me know your favorite Guinness Cocktail below.

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