Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cocktail Infusions

Infusing your own spirits can really add a little extra to your cocktails and it’s actually really easy to do, but sometimes it can be a bit of a drag because it takes time for the flavors to infuse so why not use a prepared infusion?

A company called Tea Forte have introduced a collection of infusions that are designed to be steeped in alcohol. You can steep these infusions in vodka, gin, rum or tequila for different twists on the flavors. Lavender Citrus, Lemongrass Mint and Silkroad Chai are the three flavors that are available at the moment. Both the Lemongrass Mint and Silkroad Chai are great for the current trend of Asian Inspired cocktails that are available. Steep the Silkroad Chai in vodka and give a White Russian a new Asian Twist or steep the Lemongrass Mint in tequila and give a Margarita a Thai twist. The cocktails you could make are only limited by your imagination.

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